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Summer Refresh....... #Joy31

As you know we are encouraging you all to take care of yourself this summer, and if you follow Matt and me on Instagram that you know one of the ways we practice self-care is through the practice of visual journaling. We recently had the opportunity to do a few mixed media /visual journaling workshops in the Arlington Independent School District and enjoyed sharing so much that we wanted to keep the momentum going by creating a new Facebook group. Art Educators who Visual Journal with the hope that Art Educators who practice visual journaling as a routine part of their lives will come together to share both their personal journaling and how the use visual journals to support instruction in their classrooms. We'd love to inspire sharing and journaling as we've found it to be life huge self-care practice, reflective practice, and an instructional cornerstone in our lives.

To help you jumpstart your journaling or re-jumpstart your visual journal practice, we created a summer edition of #Joy31. Something we created in December of 2020 to help inspire joyful journaling.

Take the next 31 or so days to spend at least fifteen minutes a day in your visual journal, you don't have to create a finished work of art each day you just have to spend a little time noodling on the prompt being creative. Have fun and if you like to share we'd love to see your posts so use #Joy31Summer #Joy31 #K12ArtChat on Twitter or Instagram or join the journaling group on Facebook and share there! Regardless, just enjoy this creative time for yourself!

Wishing you Creativity, Joy, and Love,

Laura & Matt


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