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Art + Science = Fun for Kids! Toyota Dream Car USA Art Contest Now Accepting Innovative Art Designs

Are you looking for something that brings STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) together for your kids? Something that allows them to open up their imagination and dream big? We have it! Work with your kids to plan and design an original vehicle of their dreams to submit to the Toyota Dream Car USA Contest.

Start by getting your kiddo to ask “what if" it has the power to change everything! Brainstorm and imagine with your child when you start with the “what if,” it always leads to more questions and often very interesting outcomes. Then pull in STEAM, and you will have your kids designing in no time flat! Once they have designed and sketched their purposeful dream car, ask them if they can improve or revise it, and then have them begin their final drawing for the contest. They can draw using traditional materials like crayons and markers or use digital art-making apps like Procreate (suggested for ages ten and up) or Drawing Pad (suggested for youth under age 10). For fun, you could extend their learning by using some great design apps to think three-dimensionally and test their car’s design in a wind tunnel using the free Wind Tunnel app!

Get Those Creative Wheels Spinning! Enter Today!

The Toyota Dream Car USA Art Contest is designed to inspire creativity in youth ages 4-15 and help them imagine the future of mobility. Nine U.S. winners are selected each year: the top three in three age categories (4-7 years, 8-11 years, and 12-15 years). There are three judging criteria for the artwork: execution, uniqueness, and artistry of concept.

Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan held the first worldwide contest in 2004. Nearly 90 countries now host their national contests. The FY23 fiscal year marks the 12th time that the contest has been presented in the United States.

A total of nine U.S. youth receive awards — three awards per age category.

Gold - $750

Silver - $500

Bronze - $250

Eligible art is due January 31, 2023. To enter, visit online here Toyota Dream Car USA Art Contest

More ideas for teachers and parents:

We hope your kiddos DREAM Big and use their imagination to design a dream car that can make a difference in their community!

Creative Wishes,

Team Grundler


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