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Week One Prompts for #Reflect31

31 Days of mindful reflection, sharing, and connecting tailored to educators as they begin a new school year. How to participate:

Follow @creativitydept on Twitter or Instagram or FB for a daily reflection question and/or quote.

Reflect on the short question.

Post and share your response with the tag #Reflect31

Read, follow and build new relationships with fellow educators.

Share with your local colleagues to have discussions in your collaborative teams or professional learning communities.

What’s your favorite quote about reflection or education? This one comes from the amazing Dolly Parton.

August 1: What is your WHY? Reflect on why you chose to become an educator, what was it that called you to the profession?

August 2: Reflect on 20-21, teaching isn’t easy and it comes with tears of joy and tears of sadness, what brings you back every August?

August 3: What do you most look forward to about going back to school and how can you keep that thought at the forefront of your mind?

August 4: What causes you anxiety about going back to school and how can you transform that feeling into something more positive?

August 5: What is one thing you have already reflected on since the end of the school year and know that you will do differently in the new school year?

August 6: Was there something you tried with instruction that you thought was a failure last year but after some reflection you realize wasn’t? What makes it not a failure and why?

August 7: Who were the colleagues that you were most grateful for this last school year? How could you share your gratitude for their support with them as we start the new year?

Wishing you a great first week of reflecting and as always sending you creative wishes,

Team Grundler


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