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ABOUT #teamGrundler

We are #teamGrundler.  Matt and Laura Grundler art educators in the Plano, Texas, more importantly, we are parents and family first.  It is a crazy wonderful life raising three creative kids, sharing our love of art education with our professional learning network and continuing to grow every day.


As we enter the 2014-2015 school year, Laura enters her fifteenth year and Matt his eleventh year as educators.  Our path to becoming educators was one of both genetics and passion.  We are both fortunate to come from long lines of educators with our strongest role models in our parents.  In fact, this is actually the reason we pushed away from teaching, we both had an up-close view of the all-consuming lifestyle of being an educator. 


Laura began college as an undeclared major and quickly discovered a desire to combine her artistic passion with leadership endeavors.  After teaching middle school art, high school art and working as an assistant principal, she has moved into the role of district Visual Arts Coordinator.  Her passions for art, education, and leadership continue to collide as she leads the district's outstanding visual arts teachers successfully instruct student artists.  


Matt took a slightly different path majoring in graphic design and working in that field the first few years of his career; however, after finding the commercial side of design to be unsatisfying he was persuaded by his family to seek alternative certification, where he soon found his niche as a K-5 Art teacher. Matt has taken a new job at the secondary level teaching art at the middle school level and feels he helps students discover a life long love of art.  

“Creativity takes courage”

- Henri Matisse



where it all began.......

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