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#Reflect31 Week 2; August 9-16, 2021

Week one of Reflect 31 was harder than we thought this year, with all our back-to-school professional learning, classroom prep, meetings (lots of meetings), and of course trying to get our three kids ready to go back to, we didn’t post each day. In fact, we’re just doing our best to meet all the demands of being parents, educators, podcasters, etc. while trying to be safe and keep others safe with rising Covid rates. So hopefully, you’re like us and just trying to be mindful of your mindset, taking time to reflect and posting/sharing only when you are able. The idea is to reflect and share but we know what you are up against right now, so if you only take care of the reflect part then we know you are taking care of yourself!

Need the 411 about Reflect 31, it is 31 days of mindful reflection, sharing, and connecting tailored to educators as we begin a new school year.

How to participate:

  • Follow @creativitydept on Twitter or Instagram for a daily reflection question and/or quote or find daily reflections (a week at a time) on

  • Reflect on the question, talk about it with other educators.

  • Post and share your response with the tag #Reflect31

  • Read, follow and build new relationships with fellow educators.

August 8: Was there a time at school when you were frustrated with a colleague? How could you collaborate to compromise or find a solution? How can you approach frustrations with colleagues from a new perspective? August 9: Was there a colleague that needed empathy, an ear, an open heart, or just someone to be honest with them? How did you support them and how could you support your peers this year? August 10: Our passion for art education can impact our interactions with colleagues, was there a time when your passion clouded an interaction with a colleague? How can you be true to your passion, remain authentic and yet be open-minded in order to build teamwork and trust? August 11: Can you recall a time when you needed to be called out on your attitude at school? Who was that person who snapped you out of your negativity or who do you wish that person was, could you reach out to that person and ask them to be your “call me on it” colleague? August 12: Consider WHO you greeted into your classroom each day and how you greeted them. How can you start each day from a positive place and grateful heart? How could you make it a point to greet staff members in such a way that you help them to also start their day with a happy heart? August 13: Reflect on teachers that have made an impact on you or others in a positive way? What was it about them that you remember and why? How can you carry that impact forward in your own teaching practice? August 14: Reflect on your everyday interactions with students, how would you characterize them? Consider how you work to ensure they are meaningful? How can you ensure you leave each interaction on a positive note? August 15: Think about every morning, some are harder than others. (especially if you aren’t a morning person like @grundlerart) How do you keep upbeat and make sure to smile when you open the door to your students? August 16: Consider your daily to-do list, how does it make you feel? Are those feelings positive, negative, or indifferent, how do you manage the feelings? What can you do to prioritize and put your students first?

William Butler Yates said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. Educators have the ability to inspire, they carry the match, how will you light the fire for your students this year?

There are lots of ways for us to move education forward. How will you move forward this school year? Participate in #Reflect31_ 31 Days of mindful reflection, sharing, and connecting tailored to educators as we begin a new school year.

Wishing you reflection and creativity,

Laura and Matt


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