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December is for JOY #Joy 31

Normally every August, we share a month of reflective prompts for educators who are soon to start their new school year. Well, it didn’t happen this year……… nothing about 2020 has been normal. We call this month of prompts #Reflect31 the intent is to inspire educators to spend some time contemplating and reflecting on keywords pertaining to education. The daily word is a springboard, we want to leave the reflecting open to personal interpretation. There have been years when we created an image with a quote and posted it to correspond to the word of the day. Our goal was to help educators practice reflection to critically think about instruction and our hope was that people create and share in response to the prompts. However, as educators, we understand that time is precious and the most important component for educators was to build in daily reflective practice. There was no pressure to post a daily creation but we did have some beautiful creative reflections posted to the tag #Reflect31.

Since #Reflect31 didn’t happen, Matt and I were thinking about how much we missed it and if we could create a different set of prompts to inspire joy and creativity for educators. As a challenging semester comes to a close and for that matter a challenging year, we bring you #Joy31. 31 days of prompts to inspire joy and creativity; a different word each day. We hope you’ll think of each word, consider how it inspires joy for you and create a small image, doodle, quote, or design (we suggest Adobe Spark Post for ease) then post and share with the tag #Joy31

Here is the December 2020 Joy 31 List:

December 1: Dream

December 2: Bright

December 3: Family

December 4: Discovery

December 5: Thoughtful

December 6: Nostalgia

December 7: Laughter

December 8: Seasons

December 9: Playful

December 10: Heartwarming

December 11: Scrumptious

December 12: Friendship

December 13: Love

December 14: Cheer

December 15: Vivid

December 16: Dance

December 17: Nature

December 18: Content

December 19: Creativity

December 20: Sweet

December 21: Wrapped

December 22: Color

December 23: Bliss

December 24: Volunteer

December 25: Home

December 26: Savory

December 27: Breath

December 28: Snuggle

December 29: Chorus

December 30: Imagination

December 31: New Beginning


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