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We've been a little MIA

Sadly, the Grundler family recently lost our Papa and we've just been in management mode. Somehow we managed to keep podcasts and chats going but just couldn't keep up with the blog and weekly email. Thank you for keeping everyone connected by listening, tweeting and graming with us; hopefully, we'll be able to get all caught up soon. In the meantime, we would love you to connect with a few of our amazing recent hosts/podcast guests.

Janet Taylor, a choice based art teacher from Chicago who offered a lot for everyone to consider regarding "choice" in the art room and what it is and is not.

Make sure to follow Janet @jataylorart and listen to the podcast if you missed the chat.

The following we had a lot of fun hanging with our friend Jed Dearybury an amazing former elementary teacher turned consultant and play advocate! We chatted about the importance of play and not just for little kids!

You are missing out if you aren't following Jed @mrdearybury

Let's keep learning together and thank you for helping us grow The Creativity Department for all of you!

Wishing you love and creativity,

Matt and Laura


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