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VASE- I've had a lot of questions from my art ed friends on twitter. Mostly what is VASE? The bottom line is that it’s like everything in Texas, HUGE! VASE stands Visual Arts Scholastic Event, it’s an art competition in which students create, write about process and qualify works then take those to a qualified judge (who has an art background) to interview with their work, then it’s scored and tabulated. After it’s tabulated it works with a four or about move into the gym for viewing and then after all works are tabulated the jurors review the collection to pick gold seals, which move onto state level VASE.

To give you a little idea of scale, there were approximately 1600 works of art entered into the regional event! I’ve inserted pictures from our regional event held yesterday (my day started at 6am and ended about 9:30 pm) but it was totally worth it for the students and art ed advocacy. Additionally here are is the Texas Art Educators Association link to VASE, TAEA governs the event,



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