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Trying to pull things together

We made it home from an amazing Celebration of Life for Matt's father! What a trip in addition to the emotional rollercoaster that grief creates, we had the additional stress of COVID-19 becoming a pandemic.

So now that we are home we are working on pulling together activities for our three kids and to share with our teacher tribe. Please remember to credit all the

Here's what we have so far........

Online Creativity for Younger Students

Online Creativity for Older Students

Online Creativity for Adults

Online Learning/Resources for Creative Teachers

This list will be added to and updated frequently but we need your help. Help us grow the list and share more by adding to this google doc!

Normally we wish everyone love and creativity at the end of every blog post and podcast but today we also wish you well being of body and mind during this unique time in our community.

Love, Creativity & Wellness, Laura & Matt


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