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Time to Re-Engergize

One statement that keeps coming up during our podcast interviews is.... "I have no idea how the two of you do it?!?" The answer is that we don't know either. We manage to juggle work, our three kids, a weekly chat and podcast and then we try to take a little time for our own creative endeavors. Matt and I have written about this before, we have a mantra that we just repeat over and over, keep moving forward (stolen from Walt Disney and the movie Meet the Robinsons.) We live mostly day by day, as neither of us is great at sticking to a plan but somehow it works for us (most of the time with the occasional epic fail.)

This year is different we don't have a chat and podcast sponsor and there are no expectations, so the only expectations are the ones we put on ourselves. Right now we're going to take advantage of this by taking care of family and ourselves. It's been one hectic semester filled with a lot of ups and downs and we need the time to re-energize so we are taking it. Sort of ..........

No twitter chats and less social media until January 2020. However, we will be blogging a little and re-visiting some of our favorite podcast interviews with you, so check-in when you have a few unoccupied minutes. But our hope for you is to also take time to fill your bucket! Hopefully, you'll sit somewhere and curl up with a great book or binge-watch your favorite movies with your loved ones or create something for yourself, what-ever you do take care of you!

Wishing you Love and Creativity,

Laura and Matt


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