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"The Dior," Ink Transfers and Techniques with Tatum

If you are anywhere in the Dallas area and love art you must attend Dior: From Paris to the World. There are exhibits and museums that I have trapped in my memories, you know the ones, they impact you on such an emotional level that you want to create immediately. When I was a kid growing up in Oklahoma City, my parents brought us down to Dallas to see the King Tut exhibit and I remember being a wide-eyed little girl, mesmerized by the ancient Egyptian artifacts. I left wanting to draw and learn more. Last weekend our Art Nana - Nana Chris took us to see the Dior Exhibit and I got to see the same impact on our daughters. Two little girls in awe of the diverse gowns, craftsmanship, and artistry that comes from the House of Dior.

Cori told me after the show she didn’t want to leave and it was so beautiful and modern, she adored all of the color. We loved watching them look at the dresses and details and then give their opinions about what they loved, hated and their why. The range of work, time, designers and the way the show was curated were exquisite.

For me the show was impactful in a different way, I started painting again this summer. My paintings are texture heavy and include fibers with stitching and all I could think about was my next painting. The word structure kept coming to mind, so many of the gowns had sculptural elements to them, some were even deconstructed so the patrons could see the layers, the dresses seemed to have armature. I must have taken well over a hundred pictures and I was so into it that I missed the signs in one room and I got the “miss you can’t take pictures of those.”........oh well, totally worth it.

Here are some of our pictures of “THE DIOR” as the girls call it ………….

We’ve been playing with some of the pictures, editing collaging, journaling. We posted some of these process pictures on instagram and many of you asked …how'd you do that so with Tatum’s help we took some photos and made some videos to share the ink transfer process we did. Tatum had so much fun she is already planning many more videos for the blog and we’re calling them Techniques with Tatum; you can find them on the Creatively Connected youtube channel.


And of course a few new journaling pictures................. can't wait to start the painting!

As always wishing you love and creativity,

Team Grundler


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