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Matt and I have so many things to say Thank You for, after twenty years of being in love a lot has changed in our lives, as educators and parents of three awesome children all uniquely individual, we continue to navigate the ups and downs of everyday life with gratitude in our hearts. One of the many things we are thankful for is our organically grown amazing community of creative teachers that we have the privilege to interact with daily. It's the tip of the iceberg of all the things we are thankful for and as it's the time of year for reflection we want you to express our immense gratitude for the support and love you send our way. The best way to express it is to share it in a meaningful and authentic way. We thank you and are sending you happy thoughts on this Thanksgiving day.

To continue the attitude of gratitude we had our good friend Jen Raybourn host a chat about gratitude last week and even better we had her join us on the podcast which you can listen too now.

Here are a couple of takeaways from the recent #K12ArtChat and interview with Jenn......

  • Sometimes it's the big things and sometimes it's the little things we are grateful for....... I love this video reminder of the everyday things we sometimes take for granted.

  • Starting a gratitude practice is good for you!

Here are four articles we found about the benefits of gratitude!

For more ideas on how to include gratitude into your classroom and daily practices make sure to listen to this week's podcast and search the #K12ArtChat feed on twitter.

Sending you creativity and love this Thanksgiving,

Laura and Matt


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