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Simple is Better in land of Remote Learning

As we've all made the transition to remote learning - online learning - distance learning - whatever you want it's been a steep learning curve for both teachers and parents. As it all began we wrote out lesson plans and had a template that we all used in our district which was awesome but we realized parents and kids needed something more simple.

So I thought about the basic parts of the creative process and a lesson plan and this is what I came up with......... ONE SLIDE with THREE PARTS that provides an entire easy to follow lesson for parents and students.

1. Look & Think

2. Plan & Create

3. Reflect & Share

Look and Think: Have students look at inspiration and give them questions to think about in relationship to creativity. This could be reading a storybook, looking at art or running through a quick See, Think, Wonder Activity.

Plan and Create: Give students the creative goal or challenge then have them start planning. It could be that they simply sketch an idea or plan the materials they want to use. Then it's time to CREATE! Have students fully dive into their creativity, get to making and have fun!

Reflect and Share: Give students three or four questions to reflect on their creativity and then give them a place to share their creativity with their peers!

Here's a sample of an elementary lesson we created as a family.

All the Links:

  • A link to Slide Carnival who provided the back-groud slide template and is our go-to for fun google slide templates.

We hope you find this helpful as you traverse through the land of remote learning. We know how hard all teachers are working and send you wishes of wellness, love and creativity during this time of shelter in place.

Stay safe and well,

Matt, Laura, and Family;

The Creativity Department


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