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Resources from the presentation “Investigation and Creativity with Process Journals”

Created by @GrundlerArt & @therealartsyamy

My former high school teaching partner (she taught Art II and I taught Art I) and friend Amy Semifero (@therealartsyamy) of almost twenty years introduced me to journaling back in 2002. She used it as a life management tool and I was fascinated. When I started journaling it was by sketching everyday life, then during a personal spiritual journey my journaling really took off..... I was sold. Back then we infused sketchbooks in our art classrooms and I recently shared a blog on my curricular evolution from sketchbook to process journals, journaling is more meaningful and personal to students. She and I now regularly present on process journals around Texas, most recently at the Texas Art Education Assoc. Conference and we will also be presenting at NAEA in March. We are often asked about our go-to resources, materials and who to follow, so we sat down and created an initial list to share and here it is.............

Creative Sprint by Noah and Mica Scalin




Favorite Journals

Make your own- a lot of us work in schools in which asking students to purchase art supplies is not an option. If that is the case we recommend you make your own. We most often use cardstock, copy paper, a large capacity stapler (small investment for a big payoff) and duct tape. Here is an image.

Mixed Media


No Bleed (for markers)



Favorite “Always Using” Journal Supplies


Hashtags to Follow

People to Follow on Instagram



















Wishing you love and creativity,

(as well as journaling fun)



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