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Reflecting Creatively

Team Grundler has been riding the K12ArtChallenge ride all summer. We can’t say that we completed a challenge everyday this summer but we did what we could and it was a wonderful experience. Arlene Shelton, an awesome art teacher that we connected with through #K12ArtChat, created the K12ArtChallenge (for more about the development of K12ArtChallenge and Arlene Shelton see our article Arlene has a great way of challenging the #K12ArtChat professional learning network, specifically challenging indvidual art educators to take a month at a time hosting K12ArtChallenge. We took on the challenge of hosting for the month of August. Funny enough about the same time Sean Gaillard, founder of #EdBeat, and Susan Riley, CEO of, invited us to partner in a reflective challenge. We merged the two concepts and came up with #Reflect31. Then used the creative process to develop a reflective concept for each day.

What was #Reflect31 all about? It was a thinking challenge; we hoped to help move teachers into a great mindset for the 2015-2016 school year by spending some time contemplating and reflecting on key words pertaining to education. Using the words as a springboard we wrote a short paragraph to provide minimal context. We wanted to leave the reflecting open to personal interpretation, then we created an image with a quote and posted a corresponding song each day that related to the key word or words. Our goal was to inspire reflection that lead to critical thinking regarding instruction and creative sharing. We had to be realistic, it was one of the busiest times of year for teachers and knowing that time is precious we wanted to make sure there was no pressure to post a daily creation but we did have some beautiful creative reflections posted.


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