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#Reflect31 - Day 7

We could be more excited to share today’s quote and question with you as it comes from one our first twitter cheerleaders, Mark Weston; @shiftparadigm . He’s been so supportive of both of us, #K12ArtChat and art education, we owe him a big thank you. Not to mention that he’s just down right kind and even better today is his birthday!

Mark’s quote come froms Ghandi,

"My life is my message." Mahatma Gandhi.

Today is a day to look inward at self and consider what message you put out to the world.

Mark asks us to reflect and consider this question, What is the message of the past year of your life?

We’d love to read, see or hear your message. Please take a risk and share it via #Reflect31 (D7)

Have a wonderfully reflective day,

Matt and Laura


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