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#Reflect31 - Day 6

Laura Grundler @GrundlerArt Texas

I started teaching in 2000 and as I start my 17th year in education, I’m thinking a lot about change. My life has changed tremendously, back in 2000 my first teaching job was in California, now have family who is rooted in Texas, my role has changed from teacher to campu administrator and now curriculum coordinator, and the world has changed beyond belief (holy cow technology.) Those are really big changes, but it’s also good to look at small changes the minor adjustments we make to lesson or group assignments or our attitude.

Back in 2004 which seems a lifetime ago and before it was a movie, I read the The Freedom Writers Diary. About the same time my mom (and teaching guru) called and said that Erin Gruwell and the students were giving a workshop in Oklahoma City. To hear Erin speak was amazing but to hear her students speak was incredibly powerful. The changes she made to meet the needs of her students, some big some small, forever changed those students lives. It made an indelible mark on my teaching and mindset.

So today’s quote comes from Erin Gruwell.

Quote: I realized if you can change a classroom, you can change a community, and if you change enough communities you can change the world.

- Erin Gruwell

Such a profound statement.

How did you change your classroom last year? What impact did you have on your community? Do you ever reflect on the ripples the little changes make?

If you feel inclined we’d love you to share your reflection from today via #Reflect31 and we’ve also seen many of you labeling your posts by Day today is D6, great idea and so helpful for those following the hashtag.

Wishing you an amazing, fun and not too hot Saturday,

Laura and Matt


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