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#REFLECT31 Day 22

Don has picked another great quote for us today.

“Recognizing power in another does not diminish your own.” ~Joss Whedon

Think about those that you look to for guidance or see as a leader. Often times in my role as a coordinator I think about the potential I see in others. My second principal, Sara Bonser, taught me that our primary job as a leader was to grow other leaders. That we should not be intimidated by those with power we should help guide them and model great leadership. But looking deeper it’s not only leaders that I look to for guidance and inspiration, it’s the teachers I have the privilege to work with and the PLN we’ve created on social media. Sometimes it’s the most quiet people that inspire me the most and it’s often more about action than words.

With this in mind we love the question that Don (aka ShineBrite) has posed today.

Who has inspired you with their teaching and/or creative process recently? How might you incorporate that into your teaching approach?

For many today is the first day of school and we look forward to hearing about your great day and about those that inspire you!

Wishing you a fantastic first day!

All the Best,

Laura and Matt


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