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What is Reflect31?

It’s 31 days in which our professional learning network challenges you to spend time reflecting on your teaching practice and consider how you plan to move forward this upcoming school year by journaling either via a written journal or visual journal. This year's reflect 31 comes from members of the K12ArtChat PLN these are real reflection questions from real teachers. Each day there will a reflection question and inspirational quote to help you start your school year with a clear and purpose filled mind. The 31 day reflection challenge all about you, your instructional practices, pedagogy and students, you can choose to share via #K12ArtChallenge #Reflect31 or keep it to yourself. There is no right or wrong, just enjoy the reflection process in preparation for an amazing school year ahead.

Wishing you Creativity and Awesome Reflection time just for you!

Matt & Laura Grundler (aka #TeamGrundler)


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