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#Reflect - Day 8

Today’s inspirational quote and question come from Samantha Melvin; @smelvin, she is an engaging educator and enlighten soul. I hope all of you follow her. Sometimes when you read something it strikes a chord and there was something particularly personal about today’s reflection for me.

Here’s the quote Samantha shared from Old Abe,

The best way to predict your future is to create it. ~Abraham Lincoln

Matt and I both grew up with parents that were teachers and heard mantras over and over again, my mother told every class leaving her room “Make Good Choices” and Matt’s Dad encouraged every student by stating, “keep your head up no matter the obstacle.” There are just some things that stick with you. We were raised very differently but there was a common theme, the choices you make allow you to make your way in the world. Stand on your own two feet and make it happen. I think this completely translates into our (very different) teaching styles, in that we hope to teach children to be resilient and make their future happen.

With Abe’s quote in mind, Samantha asks us to reflect on the following question,

What three actions will you put in motion this school year for the future you desire?

Share your three actions with the PLN and help us grow together.

Make sure to #CelebrateMonday

Laura and Matt,


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