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Reflect 31: Day 9

Reflect 31: Day 9

Jeanne Bjork @bellafiore3 Wisconsin

We are given this great question from our PLN’ner, Jeanne Bjork, @bellafiore3 from Wisconsin. How do we maintain a balance and keep the glow we gained during the summer time?

“A reflection I make each year is...How do you keep a balanced approach to your own wellness when school often means long hours and much work from home too. I want to stay well and keep the summer glow but it's rough.

As teachers, balance is something we struggle with constantly. Questioning our actions all the time, “Am I spending enough time on grading?”, “Am I spending enough time with loved ones?” and so on. Then summer hits, and are given this time when things kind of come together in a golden moment.

Reflect and share some ways you keep the glow going in the new school year.

Share your three actions with the PLN and help us grow together.

Laura and Matt,


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