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Reflect 31: Day 5

Reflect 31: Day 5

Nic Hahn @minimatisse Minnesota

Think about your students, what do they need? Now reflect on this question from Element

ary Art Teacher Nic Hahn; @minimatisse

What is the best way/s to create an authentic learning experience for your students?

We’d love to hear from you on this, share your reflections about where your ideas and inspiration arise from and how you turn that idea into a meaningful learning experience. What things do you consider while planning? Who do you collaborate with? Do you include students in the planning process allowing them a voice in how they learn? So many more questions spring to mind but we’ll let you take it from here.

We’ve included an article to help spark further discussion

The Four Characteristics of Authentic Learning

Remember to share reflections, questions and answers via #Reflect31

Hope you have a Fabulous #FABARTSFRI

Matt and Laura


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