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#Reflect 31: Day 2

#Reflect31 Day 2:

Remember this challenge is all about you and helping you find the mindset you are looking for to kick off the best school year ever. There is no right or wrong, don’t feel pressured to do every single reflection, do the ones that speak to you. By doing the reflection we just mean reflecting on the question and inspiration, in whatever form works for you…...meditating, journaling either in written or visual form, blogging, video blogging, there are no limits.

Today’s question comes from @thezenteacher

What's one thing you can subtract or delete from your computer, classroom, or philosophy to give yourself more space and simplicity for the new year?

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Leonardo da Vinci

If you choose to share please use the tag #reflect31 so that the PLN can grow.


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