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Our mission .... the mission of The Creativity Department is multi-dimensional.

The Creativity Department/'s mission is to connect creatively minded educators with ideas and colleagues.  Building a Professional Learning Network and a community of arts advocates via the #K12ArtChat twitter chat, the Creativity Department podcast, and blog.  

However, a primary component of the department is to help educators connect with colleagues that share ideas, inspire and support one another.

Matt and I can say that connectedness we've experienced has been transformative for each of us in a variety of ways. Most importantly are the friends we've made. In this week's podcast with speak to our good friend Chris Parker, @Kreyus , he was one of the early twitter connections we made and he's become a wonderful friend. We discuss, his career, creative connections and the importance and power of a professional learning network.

Here's a blog post full of people to follow, blogs to follow, helpful resources and great organizations to join.

And here's where we need your help, let's grow together.......... listen to the podcast, read Chris' blog and share with more creative teachers to follow on social media by using the tag #creativefollowloop


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