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Not complaining. . . . Life is quite crazy.

I titled this blog Not complaining, as we all know that life has gotten even crazier since the start of COVID-19. So let's start with a little bit of a back story. Some of you know that my dad passed away on February 2, 2020. (Weird! 02022020 I know!) My dad was sort of a hero to me as a kid. He was also one of my teachers in high school, along with being my wrestling coach. If you don't know the sport of wrestling, one of the most important life skills you learn from this is not complaining, and no matter how hard something might seem at first, you keep trying it until you get it. So basically, this was my life motto and still is in even in my teaching career. I apply this philosophy to the way I approach my students in the classroom, to the way I make art! And most of all, to my own children. (Ok, before I get sidetracked and start talking about other stuff, let me connect it all.) After the surgery, he had a fantastic recovery and was released 3 days later! Then we seemed to think that we were in the clear. Before I left the first time, I had a really great conversation with my dad, where he told me that he "was absolutely proud of the man that I have become." I think that put me in the mindset that whatever happens to him, I will not regret any of the time I have shared with him. He had some small setbacks, but still, he bounced back and seemed better. About a month later, he took a considerable turn for the worst. So after my dad passed away from his battle with brain cancer, I stayed with my mom for about a week, helping her get the process started of grieving and living alone for the first time in 50yrs. I was journaling and processing, even more, not complaining, just doing what needed to be done. I was out of days to take off from teaching, and we were able to have the funeral during our spring break, along with bringing the whole family with us. So much emotion, so much thinking, so much of everything. Then mid-week, we started hearing about potentially extending our break for the start of COVID-19. As we got home, we were officially off for the week. Head still spinning from the passing, funeral, and now this, my journal was really starting to get a workout! Now here we are 4 weeks into COVID-19, the school officially closed for the end of the year. I have had the opportunity to begin working out with my own kids, teaching them the same life skill that my dad taught me! No complaining, and no matter how difficult something seems at first, keep after it until you finish it.

Creative wishes in all of your endeavors, Matt Grundler


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