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#NAEA20 Online Sessions & The Un-Conference

Have you noticed one of the many silver linings that has come out the stay-at-home directives is teachers sharing and supporting each other more than ever?

It's AMAZING!!!!

The Art Ed/Creative Teacher community has really stepped up in a way that gives us the warm fuzzies! Last week would have been the National Art Education Conference and while it did happen live, all kinds of teachers put together great presentations to help others learn, grow and spark new ideas!

When this all started there were tweets flying around about how could we still share presentations and after a couple of tweets back and forth we quickly learned that the amazing Tim Needles (author of the newly released book STEAM Power) had started pulling it all together. He had reached out to NAEA and got a blessing to move forward with the tag #NAEA20 and while NAEA couldn't give professional development credit they asked that everyone who was accepted to present upload their presentations and handouts in the app, so that everyone can access them there!

Here is a little presentation that our good friend Amy Semifero @soupergrrl and Laura would have presented at NAEA and made for you online - it's our love of process journals in the classroom and here our resources , enjoy!

If you missed last week's presentations Tim went one step further and collected all the links in one place for your to view on your own time.

And wait there's more...................

Cindy Ingram - The Art Class Curator put together another amazing opportunity to learn! The list of great educators presenting is fantastic!

There are so many ways to learn and connect! Have fun checking them out!

Wishing you Love, Creativity and Wellness!

Matt and Laura

1 opmerking

25 jun. 2020

I'd love to know more about the prompts that you give for kiddos to choose from.

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