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Leading Now is about Sharing Smiles

For the last two months, I’ve been working on trying to send all our art staff a little creative smile in their school mail. Art teachers are creatives and creatives find joy in creating. In October I sent everyone a personal note of encouragement, a graphic about Inktober, a fine point sharpie, and starbursts. Nothing fancy, everything was stuffed in an envelope and mailed in our school mail so they would have a little joy in their box at school. November was a bit different, mostly because I had a stroke of inspiration when I found a box full of googly eyes in my office. I figured let’s have a little fun, so I sent everyone four googly eyes, two sheets of cardstock, and a note about what to do. Everyone was supposed to make two kindness creatures (a lesson plan we have shared in a previous post), take photos, and mail them to someone in their PLC that has been supportive this semester. Then right before Thanksgiving break, I created a padlet for everyone to upload photos of their creatures and share them with all the art teachers. It was so sweet and uplifting. So what are we doing for December? Not quite sure yet but I know it will involve snowflakes.

Below are the images I made to send teachers -- I used Adobe Spark (my favorite design app).



Padlet Screen Shots from Nov:

Bonus Images I've sent to teachers:

Wishing you love and creativity,



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