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Joining the Army of Optimism

Sometimes ideas converge.

Backstory; Matt is a morning person and Laura is not, so our mornings start with him waking up and turning on the news. Therefore these days, I take my time in the morning......... I lay in bed, check my emails, drink my coffee and watch the Today show (while the kids have breakfast and get ready for homeschool.)

Rewind to yesterday morning...... I posted a time lapse of my of most recent journal on twitter and instagram....... tons of kind responses and I've had requests to share lists of journal prompts. Mostly my journal art is a response to the day but sometimes I use prompts; right now I'm doing one from @tinkerlab that can be found here Tinker Lab Art Challenges. So, I was thinking about journal prompts and watching The Today Show, when Drew Barrymore came on with Savannah Guthrie, I've always loved Drew (side note shout out she was a great to watch on TCM sharing the Essentials.) Drew started talking about how she was handling the quarantine with her children at home and she was so real. What caught me and got me excited was that she were her ideas about staying positive and that she was recruiting people to join the Army of Optimism, YES! I'm in! Matt and I recently posted a podcast where we spoke about how there is always Hope and how we can find silver linings during this time; which aligned so well with the Army of Optimism.

The ideas converged and we created hope filled journal prompts to share with everyone in the Army of Optimism! Let's fill our journals with hope! Share with us and hopefully Drew @drewbarrymore too using the the tag #CreativityDept #sharehope

Make sure to follow along with Drew's blog, then make art, write, journal and share hope!

Wishing you health, creativity and love!

Matt, Laura & Family

The Creativity Dept.


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