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Hello 2019-2020, So Thankful

It's seriously hard to believe that summer is over for Team Grundler, Matt and kids all kicked off the school year today. Last night as I was laying in bed thinking about all the wonderful teachers we know I wanted to wish everyone a great year it didn’t seem like enough to say just that, it seemed more important to thank them. In the face of many obstacles they make a difference and I couldn’t stop thinking about how much love they send out into the world each day. Teachers open doors every day and face insurmountable challenges and they do it over and over again with a smile because there is a child counting on that smile and the warmth they find in the classroom. In the almost twenty years that I've been in education, there have been tremendous changes and layers added to the job that unless you teach you might not understand...... mountains of paperwork, safety drills (including lockdowns and lockouts), RTI... IEP... IDEA.....FAPE.... FERPA.... acronyms galore, grant writing, social media management, teaching social-emotional skills, leading restorative circles, teaching is not easy! But what do I appreciate the most about teachers, that they care about their students and show them that they matter, that their uniqueness matters.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” ― Dr. Seuss

As a parent, educator, and student, I’m so thankful for the teachers that get up every morning and go into their classrooms, put on a smile (regardless of what might be going on outside) and welcome their students “aka kids” to wonder, curiosity, exploration, play, and LEARNING. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the many amazing teachers that made sure that I felt safe in their rooms, recognized my unique talents and sent love out into the world.

So as we continue #reflect31 for the next few days I would like to focus on gratitude for educators and education.

8/13/19 - Day 13: Reflect on teachers that have made an impact on you or others in a positive way? What was it about them that you remember and why? How can you carry that impact forward in your teaching?

8/14/19 - Day 14: Reflect on your every day interactions with students, how would you characterize them? Consider how you work to ensure they are meaningful? How can you ensure you leave each interaction on positive note?

8/15/19 - Day 15: Think about every morning, some are harder than others. How do you keep upbeat and make sure to smile when you open the door to your students?

8/16/19 - Day 16: Consider your daily to do list, how does it make you feel? Are those feelings positive, negative or indifferent, how do you manage the feelings? What can you do to prioritize and put your students first?

8/17/19 - Day 17: Think about how many decisions you make each day, they can seem endless, how do you make them with positive intent? Always putting first things first ..... students and their best interests.

8/18/19 - Day 18: Reflect on what or who makes you thankful to be a teacher every day, and consider how you can share your gratitude for being a teacher with others.

8/19/19 - Day 19: Take a few minutes to list eveyone that impacted your choice to become an educator, consider what you would tell them now that you are a teacher. Pick one and send them a letter or message on social media,

Looking forward to hearing your reflections! Please share with #reflect31 on instagram and twitter!

Wishing you Love and Creativity,

Team Grundler


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