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Healing Journal Post IV

Not sure that this anything really ever done. As I'm writing this it's mid-February and my healing continues (it's not done.) So this lovely little journal might be done(ish) partly because I moved on to a new journal and partly because it's spine was coming apart. The spine coming apart is a sign of how loved the little journal is..... (first time I've had this happen and it can be repaired with a little gorilla glue and a vice grip.) Why do I love this little journal? It was a good friend throughout my time away from work and a non-judgmental place to share my feelings, frustrations, highs and lows. For someone who is transparent in so many areas of my life, working through my feelings is probably one of more challenging life tasks. I like to put my head down and push through or past most of my real feelings, this journal was very real for me. It's not perfect, I'm not perfect, it's only done(ish) and I'm still healing all of which is ok, actually more than ok. I'm happy to be in a state of becoming. Always growing.

Wishing you Hope and Creativity,



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