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Healing Journal Part III

Well this is the mid point of my healing journal, this portion runs from December 26th to January 1st. I often get asked if I work in order and answer is sort of..........When I'm working on a daily"ish" journal like this one, I put a least a little something down each day. That doesn't mean I finish an entire page with media, I just try to capture my feelings for the day then when I have time or feel up to it I work back into pages to finish them.

So many little thoughts while I was home, unable to drive or even get up to get a glass of water without a ton of effort. Looking through these pages one thing stands out, family. The family that Matt and I have created together, three kids all with their individual personalities, likes and dislikes. I often let the kids doodle, draw or color on in my journals, it's like capturing a moment in time. Sometimes I embellish them and sometimes I don't. In this section of the journal there are actually four pages that the kids worked on, one from Owen with his signature gestural style that includes some video game character, one from Cori with her sweet pinks hearts and two from Tatum- one shine bright and one I love Mom and Dad randomly written on a page. I added their pictures and a few tiny words but really it's like a said just about capturing the moment. Truly healing to watch kids create and it's even better to create and journal with them. My dog Milley has a page here too, she was a constant companion while I was home and healing, never leaving my side and always showing concern. If you look at some of the last images in the post again, I capture family, although I couldn't drive, Matt and kids were home on holiday and my Grandfather's 90th birthday was on the 31st. I didn't want to miss if for anything. He's been a rock in our family and a huge inspiration, always working hard, working smart, working with integrity and remembering to have fun and love his family. So I created a few pages to honor H.L.Whipple.

Reflecting back on this now I see connections I didn't see at the time. It's a reminder to put first things first, love and family.

Wishing you hope and creativity,



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