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Healing Journal Part II

One of the most heavy realizations for me during this healing journey through visual journaling is that "my people" are amazing. I had a moment on this first page when I realized my mother Christina (gone 12 years) and my adopted mom and grandmother Christine had so much in common. Christine stepped into my primary caretaker during this the first two weeks of this journey. I hadn't been mothered in a long time, not only because my own mom is gone but because I haven't lived near my family since I was 18. It's generally very hard for me to accept a parent type person in my life and for once I just let go, which was a very good thing. The next layout shares a trip to the doctor in that was insisted upon by Christine and was a saving grace, because if I had waited another day I would have been dealing with pneumonia. The timing was divine as Christine and her husband were off for a trip to see their daughter over the holidays. I spent a couple days snuggled under the covers waiting on kids to get out of school for winter break and you can start to see the pages become more bright and happy. Feeling better was certainly reflected in my art and journaling, it doesn’t hurt that I love Christmas with Matt and the kids. It’s kinda our season, true family time.

The big takeaways from these journal pages, allow yourself grace, listen to the ones that love you and let them take care of you. Things will turn for the better and sometimes you just need a mom. Thank You, Christine!

Wishing you hope and creativity,



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