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Days 2-6 of #Reflect31

8/2/19 - Day 2: What keeps you coming back to teaching each year? Reflect on the good, the bad and ugly, teaching isn't easy and it comes with tears of joy and tears of sadness, so what brings you back every August?

8/3/19 - Day 3: What do you most look forward about going back to school and how can you keep that at the forefront of your "back-to-school" time?

8/4/19 - Day 4: What do you dread about going "back-to-school" and how can you transform that feeling into something more positive?

8/5/19 - Day 5: What is one thing you have already reflected on since the year of the school year and know that you will do differently in the new school year?

8/6/19 - Day 6: Is there something that you thought was a failure last year but after some reflection you realize wasn't a failure? What makes it not a failure and why?

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Aug 05, 2019

I have always been very reflective as the school year begins and I continually challenge myself through out the year to think beyond what is expected. I remind myself for me, this is not simply a career, for me it is a calling. My goal has always been to leave a legacy that lasts beyond myself. To let every student I touch know how truly special and important they are to me! I constantly challenge myself and because I believe in my students I continually challenge them to learn and think outside the be their best...and Not to settle for anything less! I want to model how to think creatively, to give my students vision to see the…

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