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Creating Templates for Creative Practice at Home

Here they are............ just the first set, more to come.

Not all parents/students can print these. Consider alternatives, I wrote the blurb below to accompany the first template when sending out to families.

Observational Drawing

Observational drawing and looking closely at details are important skills not only for artists but many others careers, scientists, engineers and architects to name a few. Take this time to practice observational drawing by looking at objects and drawing them, look at the edges, focus on the contours/outlines, look for details, go slow, focus and have fun while practicing.

Use your sketchbook, a blank sheet of paper or print the handout to practice drawing things at home.

  • Draw something small from your room.

  • Draw something big from your room.

  • Draw something small from the kitchen.

  • Draw something big from the kitchen.


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