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Busy... seems a bit strange right now but............

Everything is strange right now, so let me explain. Over the past two weeks we've been BUSY. We've worked long days to make a huge transition to remote learning and tried to transition the kids into homeschool and their new normal. In my everyday role, I'm a visual arts curriculum coordinator, which means I guide the curriculum development, support the teachers and just about all things art education. Leadership and communication are more important than ever right now, it's a huge transition and learning curve for everyone, teachers and students. Throughout it all I keep reminding myself two things "Clear is Kind," (a Brene Brown quote) and to look for the silver linings. So here are a few of the silver-linings.

Silver Lining #1

We are learning to be flexible, not our normal kind of flexibility but one in which we realize that we need to focus on first things first. For me I want to ensure we are giving kids an outlet, a place to share their feelings, a place to work through things and a place to practice the creative process.

Silver Lining #2

Focus on process over product. The time we are in calls for us to focus on process not the product, who knows what our kids have or if their parents can pull away from work to help their kiddos. Now, I don't call myself a TAB teacher, however I absolutely believe in voice in choice. When I build out an art unit, I think about the enduring understanding first and most often the place kids learn this is during the process. It's really about finding a balance of investigation and skill building, then turning the students loose with their newly acquired skills and ideas and letting their voice shine. In my head I always think of theFred Babb poster I had in my classroom, "good art won't match your sofa" from theGo to Your Studio and Make Stuff: The Fred Babb Poster Book.

Silver Lining #3

Time is different. The ordinary daily rush isn't as pressing and stressful. It's giving individuals and families the opportunity to slow down in a way that we might never get again. Not saying that we are not getting our work done throughout the day, but gives us the chance to really get outside and make a small contribution to the mental health of our neighborhood by sidewalk chalk drawings. While we are on our walk we see people enjoying the outdoors and smiling and enjoying the sunshine. Then we find ourselves using our time better and getting the work done that needs to get done, and be finished when our work is finished. Finding a better stopping point!

Silver Lining #4

Optimism, our outlook during these uncertain times. Hoping that when we return back to the school building, that from all of these things we have been forced to change, how we manage our time with work, with families and with ourselves that this change becomes the new normal.

Keep looking for the silver linings, we'd love to hear yours, share them with us on Instagram and Twitter. We're loving the tag #HomeTogether

Wishing you Love, Creativity and Wellness

Matt and Laura


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