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A few Dots in honor of the Upcoming ART Holiday!

We're celebrating DOT DAY not just on September 15th ish but all this week!

It's a favorite time of year in our world, the celebration started with a book by Peter H. Reynolds; The Dot. It is a time to focus on courage, creativity and collaboration; all of which we cherish as art educators. Celebrate with us and share your awesome photos using the tags #DotDay #DotDay19

We're also chatting all about it this week on #K12ArtChat

About two years ago I started playing with alcohol ink (Ranger), it is quick, fun and versatile. The girls and I have experimented on different types of papers, wood and rocks. They LOVE it, really we all do, it seemed liked the perfect medium to share in honor of the upcoming Dot Day, because it all starts with a dot!

Here's a quick little video done by the girls that shows the dots at work.

Tatum and Cori made another Technique with Tatum video to teach everyone the tips and tricks with this medium.

A few of my finished works:

Tatum's Finished Works:

As always we wish you love and creativity,

The Grundler Family



Wow! Super cool! Love the art and exciting you got Peter Reynolds to chat!

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