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20 Things we want to say more often in 2020

Most of the time I'm overly serious but there are times when I can be silly. One of the times I can share my silly side is in little videos, I like to send inspirational or silly videos to the teachers I have the honor of working with, usually before a break or sometimes just because. Right before the recent winter break I was working on what I wanted to send and went on a google hunt and found this great video from The Kid President-20 Things We Should Say More Often which gave me the idea to create a video of Things I want to say more often in 2020 for the teachers I work with (go easy on me this was a quick clips video made in 20 minutes.)

We wanted to keep going with the theme for The Creativity Department, the idea of 20 things we want to say in 2020 seems more doable than the idea of new year's resolutions.

So here we go 20 Things to Say More Often in 2020! #say20in2020

1. Be EXCELLENT to each other!

This one is courtesy of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, it might be a little golden rule(ish) but so true. Let's treat each other with excellence!

2. Please and Thank You

Please and Thank You just seems to go to with "be excellent to each other" if so we're going to say it even more in 2020 ......and remind our kids to say it more.

3. Take care of you!

You can't take care of others unless you take care of yourself. Remember you have to put your oxygen mask on first so you can assist the person in the seat next to you. So keep chanting TAKE CARE OF YOU!

4. Why not?

Why not ask why not? What does it hurt to dig deeper and explore problems, we bet you'll find an amazing workaround!


This one comes from Peter H. Reynolds, be brave and create - tackle any fears you have or that nagging inner voice that says you aren't good enough and CREATE BRAVELY.

6. Indubitably

Just because it's a super fun word to say and even more fun in a British accent, also it's way cooler than saying undoubtedly!

7. Go Play!

Everyone, kids, and adults just need to get out and play more, it's good for our brains and souls.

8. What worked well?

We need to practice reflection and remind ourselves to ask, what worked well? Start with the good stuff and make notes.

9. What can I do differently?

In the same vein, of practicing reflection and we should ask, What can I do differently? With the things that didn't go as planned or as well as we hoped, don't get down on yourself, just ask What can I do differently moving forward?

10. Help me understand

Talk less listen more and when we don't understand remember to ask the person to help us understand.

11. Time for a dance break!

Who doesn't need a little dance break from time to time to get the blood flowing and smiles going, and it's fun to be the one to yell "DANCE BREAK!"

12. I appreciate you!

People need to hear and we need to say it more often, simple as that.

13. Don't be a pumpkin head.

This one comes from the very wise Mrs. G - aka Matt's mom, she has often said to her boys "Don't be a pumpkin head," meaning don't sit there like a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch, ask questions or ask for help.

14. Create Everyday

It's one of my favorite hashtags, but it's true if we are creating something every day we are more alive and connected.

15. I don't know...

It's ok to not know, it's even ok to admit you don't know, but get out there and find someone who does know or who can help you find the answer.


We are working on this one, just pause and breathe it helps so much in the chaos of a fast pace life. Really take a deep breath and remind yourself over and over to BREATHE.

17. It could be worse

Where is on the scale of one to ten, is it really that bad? Is it really something to get in a tizzy about, the reality is that it could be worse, look for the silver lining.

18. Time for a walk

or in the classroom "time for a gallery walk," get up more and look at others' work, it will give you a new perspective and help spark new ideas.

19. Students First

Remind each other that all the decisions we make in our schools should be about what's best for our students first, not any of the other "stuff" that often get put first.

20. Wishing you LOVE and CREATIVITY

As we end every blog and now every podcast we say ........wishing you love and creativity, I hope we get to say it more and more in 2020. As we wish all the educators that connect with The Creativity Department, LOVE - love for teaching and inspiring young minds, a love of learning and a heart for kids and of course CREATIVITY - creativity that creates unique opportunities for students and teachers to grow and learn.

These are the 20 things we are going to practice saying more often in 2020. I hope they have started you thinking and we would love you to share some or all of you 20 things you'd like to say more via the tag #say20in2020 or in the comments area below.

Wishing you Love and Creativity,

Laura and Matt Grundler

1 Comment

Jan 09, 2020

We do need t shirts that say Create Bravely or CB2020

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