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The #heART_Ed Challenge - Who inspires you?

About a week ago a very sweet post popped up that #TeamGrundler was tagged in, it was from Holly Bess Kincaid (@artladyhbk) and said, Thank you for being a constant inspiration to others, sharing knowledge and building an active online community of educators! #K12ArtChat #heART_ED. Give a shout out to an art educator you heART and say why.

We were humbled and thankful, it was a moment of affirmation. Our professional learning network motivates us to keep finding new ways to connect creative educators and share as much as we can to support each other. Therefore the #heART_ED challenged was on for us!

Using one of my favorite (easy) apps I opened Adobe Spark and started finding great images of wonderful educators to share! And by no means is this list (see below) finished. It's also great to see state arts ed organizations highlighting Arts Ed Heros, help spread the word and let's grow the challenge! We'll continue to share throughout Youth Arts Month and we hope you will too!

Nic Hahn Thank You for being @minimatisse and sharing ideas via your blogging!!

Dennis Inhulsen Thank You for being a dynamic arts ed leader & growing the next generation of Art Ed leaders.

Pete Curran Thanx for being @WMSArtLab & leading middle arted to capture kids’ imaginations.

Samantha Melvin Thank You for being @smelvin & an arts advocate with authenticity and heART!

Matt Grundler Thank You for being @artguy76 & working tirelessly to connect creative educators!

Tracy Evans Thank You for being @EvansArtHouse & life long learning fun friend!

Cathy Hunt Thanx for being @art_cathyhunt & iPad Art Room, a tech art guru! Thanx for inspiring others, being brave, being a mentor and Arts Ed leader!

Tim Needles Thank You for being @timneedles & our first twitter friend from afar!

Ted Edinger Thank You for being @ArtwithMrE & sharing your passion for Art Ed and bringing the fun.

Holly Bess Kincaid Thanx for being @artladyhbk & sharing creativity via positivity/sunshine.

Don Masse Thank You for being Shine Brite @shinebrite71 and sharing remarkable ideas!

Janine Campbell Thank You for being @campbellartsoup and sharing marvelous middle school art!

Alice Gentili Thank You for being @monalisaLvsHeah and sharing wicked steAm inspiration!

Chris Parker Thanx for being @Kreyus, being a connector an innovator & our food guide!


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