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What is #Reflect31

#Reflect31 Update Eight Days In…………..

What is #Reflect31? Where are the instructions? Good questions… it’s not like our previous #K12ArtChallenge(s) for June and July. This is more of a thinking challenge; we hope to help move teachers into a great mindset for the 2015-2016 school year by spending some time contemplating and reflecting on key words pertaining to education. There is a brief statement, quote and song posted each day that relates to the key word or words and our hope is to inspire reflection that leads to creativity. It’s a busy time of year and we are very realistic knowing that time is precious so there is no pressure to post a daily creation (but we love it when you do!) It is very open ended as it’s all about personal reflections. So far we’ve seen creative reflections done digitally, photographically, via sketchnoting, via journaling, poetry etc. There is no limit or expectation about what you should create about your reflections.

Original Post from Day 1 to give more background………..

August is a time for reflection, observation and planning as we are about to embark on the upcoming school year. In order to help inspire innovation and creativity we are challenging you to participate in 31 days of reflection. #Reflect31 Our team will post a daily quote, song and or activity to inspire introspection and growth. #Reflect31 is grounded in the creative process so sure to have your pencil, journal, sketchbook and or iPad ready to create and share with PLN using the hashtag #Reflect31.

Wishing You Creativity,


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