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Reflecting on Leading Professional Learning

As a curriculum coordinator, I wear many hats and play a variety of roles. Everything from curriculum writer and director, art studio designer, mentor, curator, kiln expert, safety inspector and so many other jobs, so many roles that the teachers I work with have started calling me "Art Boss." There is one job that I love the most and it is Professional Learning planner, not a stretch I still love teaching! When my kids were smaller and I started this job it was hard to explain it, so I told them I'm a teacher of teachers.

Professional learning is a bit challenging to plan at the start of the year, there's always so much that I want to share. I have ALL 96 K12 Art teachers together three days a year (2 in August and 1in February) and it's not enough time to talk pedagogy and curriculum, let alone budgets, safety and the mountain of expectations. It's difficult and as I started planning for this year I needed to reflect on what mattered most, students.

My former Principal and now Superintendent has always said put students first when making decisions. I've used it my entire career, but as the art coordinator I'm not sure I've been explicit with this message. So this year during our time together, I'm going to make "students first" my mantra. Brene Brown says, "Clear is Kind," I want to be clear that our mission is to put students first.

When thinking about curriculum and instructional decisions we need to make sure our students are at the heart of those decisions. So my questions to everyone this year will always involve students.

Dr. Seuss said - "Think and Wonder ..... Wonder and Think"

How do I encourage students to wonder and think about the creative process?

More to come but for now it's time to think and wonder...... wonder and think, as I continue to work on our professional learning plan for the upcoming week.

Wishing you Love and Creativity,




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