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#Reflect31 - Day 13

Today’s reflection question comes from our good friend Nic Hahn, she knows how to make the most of every minute of life. She puts in a hundred and ten percent intensity into her family and teaching. We have to say we really enjoyed her summer posts, who knew there was such a thing as paddleboard yoga? Nic did and she shared it with all of us!

Summer as an educator is essential for rest, revitalization, and of course reflection. It’s also a great time to personalize your professional learning. Unfortunately summer is over and it’s time to ask ………

What experiences did you have this summer that will change the way you teach?

We know what you are thinking, wait it’s over? Is summer coming to end? Some of us might consider this sad ending, others an amazing opportunity to start something new. To us one of the best parts of teaching is the chance to start over every year. A chance to meet and teach a group of children and do things differently and hopefully better than you did them the year before. So enjoy the ride and take a minute to reflect on you summer and share the experiences with others that will impact your teaching this school year.

Here’s a quick read from our peers about how they personalized their summer PD and plan to use it this year in the classroom.

Have a very happy Saturday and remember to take time for you.

Wishing you Creativity,

Laura and Matt


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