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Reflect and Share #Reflect 31 Day One

Well I did it - my first video reflection, super tired, hair in a bun and at 8:20 pm right before the first #K12ArtChat of the school year. It was a little like tearing off a band-aid, but I did it! Then right after, my son who had been sitting in the other room said, "I had no idea that you didn't like school or that people bullied you." So we had a little chat, he said he was really surprised and I said I think everyone has their challenges, school's not easy. We talked about how important it is to find a happy place at school, for me it was the art room and for him it's the stage. Which of course lead to a back to school convo, as we have a little over a week away from the first day. He shared some of the anxiety he was starting to feel and we talked strategies and pretty soon he was laughing (didn't hurt that Matt told him his school was planning on Mary Poppins for the fall production.) It's all a really good reminder of the WHY?

Day One of #Reflect31: What is your WHY? Reflect on why you chose to be an educator, what was it that called you to the profession?

Although education wasn't my first choice at the age of 18, I found my path and listened to the call. By blending my love of working with kids and my love of art, I knew that I was meant to be an art educator. I think that not loving school but loving learning combined with some of my academic challenges were at the core of my why. I knew I could help kids like me, be an advocate and help them find their own love of learning. In August of 2000, I started teaching 7th and 8th grade art and haven't looked back. Now almost 20 years later I find that in many ways, I'm much more passionate about

education now (my reasons are 12, 9 & 7 years old and I love beyond belief.)

It's important to remember our Why and put that at the start of our school year!

We are looking forward to hearing your why! Post a quick video with the tag #reflect31 to share it with the PLN.

Wishing you LOVE and Creativity,

Laura and Matt

PS- Get ready for Day 2

8/2/19 - Day 2: What keeps you coming back to teaching each year? Reflect on the good, the bad and ugly, teaching isn't easy and it comes with tears of joy and tears of sadness, so what brings you back every August?


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