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Reflect 31: Day 4

Reflect 31: Day 4

Craig Kemp @mrkempnz Singapore (originally New Zealand)

Today’s Reflect31 question comes to you all the way from Singapore via Craig Kemp; @mrkempnz

He asks us a simple question but one that will be a fantastic share.

“What is your favorite educational quote and why? Inspire us!”

We don’t know any teachers who aren’t up for a good quote from time to time. They can be uplifting and motivational just when we need them. Consider a time when you were a little down, possibly struggling to find classroom magic and needed a shot of motivation, was there a quote that helped inspire you?

We found a couple of links to share that will both explain why we are inspired by quotes and help you find more quotes to love and inspire others.

Remember to share using #Reflect31 and if you want to get really fancy we challenge you to make an image with your quote using something like https://about.canva.com/ or https://spark.adobe.com/about/post.

The Science Behind Why Inspirational Quotes Motivate Us http://www.fastcompany.com/3051432/know-it-all/why-inspirational-quotes-motivate-us

Great Educational Quotes http://learningrevolution.com/page/great-educational-quotes

101 Inspiring Quotes from the most Successful People in History http://www.inc.com/sujan-patel/101-inspiring-quotes-from-the-most-successful-people-in-history.html

Top 100 Inspirational Quotes http://www.forbes.com/sites/kevinkruse/2013/05/28/inspirational-quotes/#1b96ccc36697

Wishing you a thoughtful and reflective day,

Matt and Laura #ThinkThroughThurs #Reflect31

Ps: Don’t forget we have #K12ArtChat tonight at 8:30 pm cst on twitter (8:15 to 8:30 we’ll be on Blab) And we’ll be asking you to your fav ed quote along with your intro!