Healing Journal Part II

One of the most heavy realizations for me during this healing journey through visual journaling is that "my people" are amazing. I had a moment on this first page when I realized my mother Christina (gone 12 years) and my adopted mom and grandmother Christine had so much in common. Christine stepped into my primary caretaker during this the first two weeks of this journey. I hadn't been mothered in a long time, not only because my own mom is gone but because I haven't lived near my family since I was 18. It's generally very hard for me to accept a parent type person in my life and for once I just let go, which was a very good thing. The next layout shares a trip to the doctor in that w

Celebrating Diversity and MLK

There are so many reasons to celebrate the Martin Luther King Jr. and it's not just something to be studied and celebrated one day a year. Recently, I had the opportunity to partner with our elementary ELA department to write a lesson plan to encourage our teachers and students to make meaningful connections to the essence of Dr. King's work and legacy. The lesson plan connects to our local district celebration, which will be held on the evening of January 24. Be on the look out for lots of social media posts sharing the event with #pisdcreatesart. It's an annual celebration of diversity in honor of Dr. King and I'm very proud that we work in a district that makes it a point to highlight

Healing through Journaling (Part I)

So I have arthritis, I don't dwell on it and I don't like to admit that it impacts my daily life, but the truth is that is does. Back in the fall my normal foot pain from arthritis was different, more painful. It was time to yell uncle and see my orthopedic foot doc, it was inflamed (I chuckled) that's pretty common in my world. He put me in a boot and gave me anti inflammatories to get to settle, it didn't settle and by November I said uncle again. The test showed a cyst in my third metatarsal and a possible fracture, but we wouldn't know how extensive the damage was until surgery. Being the practical person (or crazy person) I am, I checked to see if my orthopedic knee doc could do a sc