Inspirational Images

For as long I can remember, I have loved quotes. It could be the beauty and nostalgia, I love lots of classics, classic film, art and literature. Quotes are little snippets of wisdom left behind by those history deemed interesting. I use quotes in my presentations, journals, and regularly tweet them, over the past few years I’ve built up a lot of quote images. For this week’s Monday Motivation and Must Make Monday, I want to share some with you! Feel free to use and share, we hope they inspire you to create, make and teach with love and enthusiasm. Wishing you creativity, Laura Grundler @GrundlerArt

Do What You Love, TEACH!

It’s Valentines week and we know many of you dread Valentines week at school, parties, candy, balloons, distractions to the learning environment. So we wanted to shift the focus and remind ourselves why we love teaching. Let’s share our LOVE of teaching! Here are a few reasons to love teaching from our amazing PLN! Matt Grundler- @artguy76 What do I love about being a teacher? The way you can give a student who doesn’t feel like they succeed in the everyday curriculum, the opportunity to show off what they really know and understand. You can give a student a way to voice the things going on in their everyday life, you might not have known was happening in their life from the start! You gi