Ditch that Textbook

Not sure what you think of when you hear “ditch the textbook”, but for an art teacher it’s not so unusual. Of course, we use books as references – yes, even art textbooks – but the best part of being an art teacher is the ability to utilize our own creativity to carefully craft our lesson plans. All of this to say, we weren’t too sure what to think about Matt Miller, author of of “Ditch that Textbook”, when we ran across him on Twitter. However, we quickly found he was one of us: creative, collaborative, innovative and all about leverage the power of technology to enhance student learning. We connected with Matt originally on #tlap and loved the conversation, so of course we had to ask h

Cultivating Communication in the Classroom

It’s always at the end of the school year that I spend a lot of time reflecting on my own communication skills as a leader. There is a lot of information to disseminate to teachers and everyone is tired so there are gaps in understanding. This year, the team and I have used a combination of our instructional website, smores, youtube videos, remind 101, and the traditional email and phone calls and it leaves me wondering what worked, what didn’t, where we need to streamline and what needs to change. Then taking it deeper I wonder if I struggle this much, what’s communication like in the classroom and how can we best help our team of teachers to develop deeper more meaningful communication. Al