NAEA17 in NYC with Tim Needles

One: NYC? Wow! … The art we’ll get to see! (Team Grundler has never been to NYC); and Two: Tim Needles will be there! If you don’t know him then you are missing out! His kindness and creativity shines through Twitter. Tim was early to find the us and the chat. So early, in fact, that we were a different hashtag targeted at just our school district art teachers. He introduced us to so many people on Twitter busting the PLN concept wide open for us, so to be able to spend time with him on his home turf was a thrilling idea. As we prepared for this year’s line up of hosts we knew we needed Tim to host a tour of NYC Art to help the PLN prep for NAEA. He didn’t disappoint! Tim literally took

31 Nights: An Interview with Michael Bell

March is a full month! It’s Youth Art Month, the National Art Ed Association Convention, St. Patrick’s Day and it’s #31Nights for the #K12ArtChallenge. Our host is artist and teacher, Michael Bell. Arlene Shelton first connected with Michael chatting back and forth and was super excited to introduce him to our twitter community. She was able to get him to agree to host the challenge for the month of March and we tagged on to ask him to host a chat. This is truly exciting for all of us so we need to explore this opportunity a little more by asking Michael a few more questions. Michael, we are really intrigued by your Twitter profile. Please tell us about all the hashtags that you have listed.