Do you “Play” in your classroom?

A few months ago we had the opportunity to connect with Quinn Rollins author of of Play Like a Pirate and it raised many questions so we thought it would be good to circle back to visit with Quinn again. As we chatted I keep thinking about the Picasso quote “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Growing up means we sometimes forget the importance of play and that play is the spark for imagination. Imagination and innovation are critical partners, without the ability to see endless possibilities, we can’t create design new solutions to our everyday problems. The idea of play in the classroom is one that needs to be explored more deeply and advoc

Ask the Experts: An interview with Holly Bess Kincaid and Amy Traggianese

One of the great things about our network of educators is the tremendous amount of expertise available to the community. 2017 kicked off with two hosts that are always ready and willing to share their knowledge and ideas related to arts education and arts integration, Holly Bess Kincaid and Amy Traggianese. In this month’s blog post they have agreed for us to follow up with them and ask a few more questions. Holly Bess Kincaid is a middle school art teacher with 23 years of experience who teaches in Harrisonburg, VA. She is a fantastic teacher who has been recognized by her peers and NAEA by being awarded Southeastern Middle Level Teacher of the Year in 2006 & 2016. Amy Traggianese is an