What is Reflect31? It’s 31 days in which our professional learning network challenges you to spend time reflecting on your teaching practice and consider how you plan to move forward this upcoming school year by journaling either via a written journal or visual journal. This year's reflect 31 comes from members of the K12ArtChat PLN these are real reflection questions from real teachers. Each day there will a reflection question and inspirational quote to help you start your school year with a clear and purpose filled mind. The 31 day reflection challenge all about you, your instructional practices, pedagogy and students, you can choose to share via #K12ArtChallenge #Reflect31 or keep it

Going Rouge for Creative Discourse

As educators we are all about planning and considering student learning outcomes. As the moderators of K12ArtChat, I would say that Matt and I have found a formula that (generally) works for our professional learning network: we find and schedule educators to host (planning) that have something of value to offer (student learning outcomes) they create a topic and six questions and it works (generally.) A year and a half into this endeavor, the community has grown and we’ve had the opportunity to reach out to non-educators such as artists/authors, who have graciously said yes. A few months back we were over the moon to have Danny Gregory. His new book Shut Your Monkey is great! We stuck wi