Summer 16' #K12ArtChallenge

Challenges are generally about keeping our artistic juices flowing and June/July is no exception. June is “The Everyday Renaissance Project” brought to us from Tim Needles (@timneedles / #terpART) and July is all about Visual Journaling from David R. Modler and Eric M. Scott (@jrnlfddrjunkies / #jfj16). But as you know we always like to kick up a notch in order to keep pushing ourselves and the community of artists and educators that participate in this online art community. Recently we were inspired by Principal Matthew Arend (@matthew_arend) and his Summer Selfie Bingo (#summerselfiebingo) and as you know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We couldn’t resist creating a summer

Reignite Your Creativity; Challenge Yourself

It’s almost the end of the school year here in Texas, and it occurred to Matt and me that we have a habit of seeing great books recommended on our social media stream, buying them, and then wishing we had the time to dive into reading. There’s no time like the present with summer break around the corner, so we’ve collected a stack of books with the intent to reignite our creative selves. The theme that ties these titles together is “unlocking creativity,” and while we are both art educators, finding time for our personal creativity isn’t always a priority. I also know this to be true for most of the teachers we work with on a regular basis. While we all believe we are better arts educato

Thank You!! – Teacher Appreciation Week

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and we are taking time to Thank A Teacher. Well, you know that we just can’t thank one, as we have a love for education and both of us happen to be “teachers’ kids.” There have been so many people to be thankful for all of the many ways that they have helped us grow and our children grow so we’ll start from the beginning. Matt’s parents for all of their hard work during their teaching careers, the learning they cultivated in their classrooms, and the kids they inspired to be great people. Even now, they continue to teach everyday, tutoring our son Owen after school via FaceTime. But most of all, we thank them for teaching their sons the value of an education